Get instant Cash Loan Approval in 60 secs with the LCredit Loan app


With the introduction of internet lending applications and credit websites in recent years, obtaining a loan has become much more convenient. Several financial institutions recognized the demand for quick financing and responded by offering online loans through loan applications that are easily accessible on the Google Play Store.

The LCredit lending app, which is powered by Cashigo, is one such rapid loan app. This cash loan app is a fully digital platform for all of your urgent financial requirements. LCredit personal loans are available for a variety of reasons, including family functions, home renovations, bulk buying, vacation, medical expenses, and many more.

LCredit provides funds ranging from $5,000 to $150,000, which are granted in 60 seconds with real-time verification. If you have any short-term goals that may be accomplished with little cash loans, LCredit is the greatest lending app.

How do you get instant cash loan approval within 60 seconds via LCredit?

Below are some reasons that will benefit the borrower with instant loan approval in 60 seconds with the LCredit app:

No Collateral

The majority of loans are secured loans that need collateral, such as housing and gold loans. An unsecured loan, such as an immediate cash loan, does not need a guarantor or collateral against a personal loan. As a result, applying for a cash loan is simple and stress-free, and you may maintain your asset as security.

Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator

Before submitting a loan application, it is a good idea to double-check the loan eligibility. A personal loan eligibility calculator is included in the LCredit lending app. Age, income, location, credit history, duration, and other financial responsibilities are all criteria that decide your immediate cash loan eligibility. The calculator will analyze and display the loan amount you are qualified for when you enter your information.

Loan EMI Calculator

Borrowers may also adjust their EMIs flexibly based on their repayment ability, which is a significant aspect of the cash loan app. It is simple to proceed with the loan application after you are certain of the EMI amount.

Paperless Documentation

When using the LCredit fast loan app, no physical paperwork is necessary. Your BVN card or smart card driving license are the only documents required for clearance in 60 seconds.

Minimum eligibility criteria

The required eligibility criteria are not stressful for the borrowers:

  • Age between 21 – 58 years.
  • You should earn a minimum income of 15,000 per month.
  • Last six months bank statement or most bank transactions of salaried or self-employed individuals

How to apply for an instant cash loan in 60 secs with the LCredit loan app

You can easily install LCredit instant personal loan app on your smartphone. With the following simple steps, you can get an instant cash loan in seconds:
Step 1: Enter your mobile number or email id for OTP verification
Step 2: Choose the required loan amount, preferred tenure, and EMI with the help of a loan EMI calculator
Step 3: Complete your paperless KYC process
Step 4: Fill in the application form with your particulars
Step 5: Sign & submit the e-mandate and loan agreement digitally
Step 6: Get the loan amount directly credited into your bank account
Hence, nowadays with the ease of technology, it is very much possible to avail of an instant loan in just 60 seconds.

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