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Get an instant loan up to ₦200,000 , a flexible low intrest based repayment plan all in one App

Simple Steps to Get Lcredit Loan

Apply for loan

Fill out an online application that just takes a few minutes to complete.

Process for Approvals

We'll Review your information to ensure that you are confirmed same day.

Instant Funding

Money is deposited in your account instantly once you've been accepted.

Repayment is easy.

Conveniently payback through our wide repayment network

Why choose us?

Quick approval, immediate disbursement

Get a decision on your loan and receive your money

Better offer for repeaters.

Repay your loan on time and get up to NGN 100,000 on your next loans and other benefits.

Interest rate transparency

Use the loan calculator to calculate charges applicable for the loan amount of choice.

Flexible repayment options

In case of unforeseen circumstances through no fault of the borrower, get 30 days extension.

About us

LCredit, powered by CASHIGO, is a completely digitized personal loan app. The app helps you meet all your quick personal ,business and emergency financial requirements with just a few clicks.

Get instant personal loans disbursed directly to your bank account with super affordable interest rates.

This app enables you to complete the entire loan application without any physical documentation.

You just have to:
• Install the LCredit app from Google Play Store.
• Login, enter a few details.
• Get real-time credit assessment done.
• Get instant disbursal during business hours.

>>> PS: You need to keep your KYC and Bank details handy during this process.

Who can use our service?


21-58 years




Whoever who generates an income can use our services

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