Cashigo International Limited (‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’) may store cookies on your web browser when you visit our website and require our services online. Other third parties you choose to visit may do the same. This Cookie Policy explains what a cookie is, what kind of cookies you may find on our site, cookie classifications and how cookies may be managed.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a simple text file which stores small pieces of information. When you visit a website, its server saves the cookie onto your computer or other device. Only that website’s server will be able to read or retrieve the contents of that cookie. Please note that cookies do not collect any personal data stored on your hard drive or computer.

Cookies helps you to have a more positive experience. They help you navigate effectively and make the interaction between you and the website quicker and easier. It generally allows us to enhance your customer experience. Cookies help the website to remember your actions or preferences, for example, a cookie might store information so you don’t have to keep entering it.

Session cookies – these are temporary and are erased when you close your browser at the end of your visit to the website. At your next visit to the website, you will be treated as a new visitor since there is nothing contained in your browser to let the website know you have visited before.

Persistent cookies – these cookies help websites remember your information and settings imputed when you visit in future. It ensures you have a faster and more convenient access to the website since you do not need to log in again. 

For example, a website may require you to impute a language preference during your first visit would if recorded in a persistent cookie setting, deliver its content in your preferred language during your next visit to the site. A cookie remains on your browser based on how long it has been programmed to last by the website.

How Do we Use Cookies?

We use cookies in order to understand how you interact with our website and in order to improve your browsing experience when you visit our website. Our website requires some cookies to function appropriately and these cookies cannot be turned off. Others are optional and allows you select your preferences. You can update your choice at any time by clicking the ‘cookie policy’ link at the bottom of any page. Unless you opt in to cookies, we won’t set any cookies on your device except essential ones.

Cookie Details

Cookies can be classified as either non-essential or essential

  • Essential cookiesThese cookies are needed for you to be able to use our websites securely. They are necessary for the proper functioning of the website, and allows you browse our website and use the services provided there. The essential cookies never collect information that could identify you, rather some of these cookies store information that allows you to view certain protected content i.e. pages that are only visible to registered users. Essential cookies cannot be disabled. 
  • Non-essential cookiesUnlike essential cookies, non-essential cookies are not strictly necessary to allow our website perform optimally, or allow you access to our services. However, they allow us improve your customer experience, they also enhance the functionality of our website. Cookies such as (‘analytical’ or ‘experience and insight’ cookie) help us understand how you access and use our site, whilst the (‘advertising’ or ‘marketing’ cookies) customizes your ad experience and help us decide which products, service and offers might be of interest to you.

What type of Cookies Do We Use?

We use first-party cookies . Any of these cookies may be persistent or session cookies.

  • First-Party CookiesFirst party cookies are set by the website you are browsing and are not shared elsewhere. These set of cookies are necessary for the optimization of the website and often used to remember information about how you used the website. 

Managing Cookies

There are a number of ways to manage cookies on your browser. Using a proper guide, you are able to clear cookies, prevent cookies, delete cookies and enable cookies at your will and for different reasons. The choices available in managing cookies may vary from browser to browser. 

Below are browser links which gives you information and guidance on how to clear or prevent cookies from being created on your browser.





Cookie Policy Modifications

We reserve the right to make changes to this Cookie Policy at any time and any modifications made becomes operative upon posting the updated policy on our website without specific notice of such modifications. 

Note that you will be deemed to be aware of the modifications made to the policy, including having accepted the changes made therein where you use our website after the date of publishing a revised Cookie Policy.

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