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‘All is well that ends well,’ as the saying goes. We are nearing the end of the year 2021, and the environment is far safer than it was previously. Many people in Nigeria and overseas have faced financial hardship in recent years as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic, which has interrupted work status for many and caused financial hardship. For survival and medical reasons, many people depleted their money.

Instant lending applications were a breath of fresh air in the middle of the financial meltdown. It felt like though a tired traveller had finally found drinking water after days on the road. Yes, fast loan applications provide invaluable assistance to Nigerian individuals. Many low-income people consider fast lending applications to be a viable choice for obtaining rapid loans.

Instant cash loans are the greatest since they provide emergency cash within one working day. Quick cash lending applications are here to stay, whether it is for a single necessity or for a variety of needs. So, which lending app is the most popular in 2021?

On the Google Play Store, there are hundreds of personal loan apps. The borrower’s option is the one that is user-friendly and meets its promises of lending the specified amount in simple stages. LCredit by Cashigo is a popular software that provides a smooth user experience for loan borrowing. LCredit would actively assist in loan approvals ranging from N 5,000 to N 100,000 in 2021.

How LCredit differs from other Personal Loan Applications?

  • Powered by Cashigo, one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing financial services companies
  • Completely digital loan procedure
  • Real-time acceptance of your loan application
  • Quick response to client questions
  • KYC process takes only a few seconds to complete

Types of Loan

  • Personal Loan
  • Instant Cash Loan or Small Loan
  • Emergency or Urgent Loan
  • Education Loan
  • Marriage Loan
  • Mobile Loan
  • Travel Loan

Key Features

  • App-based lending
  • Easy sign-up, login & application process
  • EMI Calculator
  • Hassle-free & Quick disbursal in a few hours
  • Get funds directly to your bank account
  • No physical documentation required
  • Customise your loan amount & EMI
  • Collateral free or unsecured loan
  • Get personal loans up to N 150,000

How does LCredit Work?

The entire personal loan application through LCredit is app-based. From signing up to loan disbursement, everything in just a few steps:

Step 1 – Install the loan app from ‘Play Store’
Step 2 – Choose a loan amount
Step 3 – Enter your basic details such as Name, Income, Purpose of loan & BVN Card number
Step 4 – Complete your KYC process
Step 5 – Input your Bank Account details
Step 6 – Real-time approval of the loan
Step 7 – Amount credited to your account

Reasons why you should download LCredit

  • Buy a new gadget you have been dreaming about for a long time
  • Unwind at an exotic location with your family or friends
  • Manage your wedding expenses
  • Get new furniture for your home
  • Meet any other emergency expenses

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